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Pancreatic Disease

Program Director:
Reber, Howard A. M.D.
Roth, Bennet M.D.
Bedford, Rudolph M.D.
Hines, Joe M.D.

Contact Phone Number

Description of Clinical Program
UCLA specialists have developed a program dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of patients with congenital, inflammatory, traumatic and neoplastic diseases of the pancreas.
The program will utilize a multidisciplinary approach with a team composed of surgeons, gastroenterologists, diagnostic and therapeutic radiologists, dietitians, oncologists and pain control experts.
Through basic and clinical research, knowledge of the etiology, prevention, and treatment of pancreatic disorders will be enhanced.

Patients with the following diagnoses will benefit from referral to the Pancreatic Disease Program:
suspected or proven pancreatic or periampullary neoplasms
chronic pancreatitis
pancreatic cystic disease
pancreatic ductal injuries (traumatic, iatrogenic)
recurring acute pancreatitis

Services available include:
imaging e.g., spiral CT
ERCP - stenting, Sphincter of Oddi manometry
endoscopic ultrasound
nutritional assessment and counseling
pain management
chemotherapy, radiation therapy/standard and experimental protocols
pancreatic function testing

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