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Cardiac Surgery Discharge Concerns Decisiont Tree

Go to the Local Emergency Room or call 911

Call Local Doctor

Call the clinical nurse specialist/case manager with questions related to:

Chest pain (angina-like) similar to pre-operative pain Weight gain more than 1 to 2 pounds in a day for 2 days Postoperative recovery
Heart rate faster than 150 beats/minute with shortness of breath or new irregular heart rate Worsening ankle swelling or leg pain Discharge instructions
Shortness of breath NOT relieved by rest Worsening shortness of breath Management of symptoms
Chills of fever Sharp pain when taking in deep breath Draining or reddened wounds
Coughing up bright red blood Elevated temperature more than 100 degrees F or 38 degrees C two times in 24 hours Incisional care
Sudden numbness or weakness in arms and legs Persistent bleeding or oozing from incisions Questions realted to surgery
Sudden, severe headache Reddened rounds, warm to touch, swollen or any drainage Home Health Care
Fainting spells Skin rash Directions for helpful community services or agencies
Severe abdominal pain Extreme fatigue *What your doctor or nurse might ask if you call*
New onset of nausea, vomiting or diarrhea Acute gout flare-up How long have you had these symptoms?
Bright red stool Pain in calf that becomes worse when pointing toe up to head What medications are you currently taking?
Urinary tract infection - frequent urination, burning with urination, urgency with urination, bloody urine What was the date of your hospital discharge?
Regarding incisional draining: color of drainage, does it have an odor, how long has it been draining, is the drainage getting better or worse?
Does the visiting nurse come to see you?

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