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Breast Cancer

Program Director:
Chang, Helena M.D.

Contact Phone Number
(310) 825-2144

Description of Clinical Program
Participating Faculty


Dr. Robert Bennion
Dr. Paul Schmit
Dr. Amy Kusske
Dr. Karen Todd

Nurse Practitioner

Sherry Goldman, NP

Medical Oncologists

Dr. Linnea Chap
Dr. Patricia Ganz

Preventative Medicine/Nutrition

Dr. Karen Duvall

Radiation Oncologists

Dr. Guy Julliard
Dr. Robert Parker
Dr. Judith Ford


Dr. Larry Bassett
Dr. Nikki Debruhl
Dr. Marie McCombs


Dr. Sanford Barsky

Plastic Surgeons

Dr. William Shaw
Dr. Andrew DaLio
Dr. James Watson

Psychosocial Support

Dr. David Wellisch
Carol Fred, LSW


The Revlon/UCLA Breast Center, a component of the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center (JCCC), offers in one setting a multi-disciplinary approach for women with all forms of breast problems. The Center’s approach combines the latest diagnostic, treatment and monitoring programs with consideration for each patient’s unique needs. The team at the Breast Center includes surgeons, radiation oncologists, radiologists, a breast pathologist, medical oncologists, plastic surgeons, a nurse practitioner, a volunteer, a dietician, a geneticist, social workers and a psychologist. Together, they provide patients with the most up-to-date care.


The Diagnostic Clinic at the Breast Center is staffed daily by breast surgeons who see new and established patients. In addition, a Multidisciplinary Clinic is held each Wednesday afternoon for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. A breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, radiologist, pathologist, psychologist and social worker consult with the patient and together determine the appropriate treatment plan, all within the course of one visit.
A Follow-up Clinic is held Wednesday morning for patients who are undergoing or have completed their treatment for breast cancer. A nurse practitioner, social worker, nutritionist and physical therapist are available to discuss issues that may arise for women dealing with breast cancer. These include nutrition, management of post-menopausal symptoms, prevention of lymphedema and quality of life issues. A High-Risk Clinic is held Thursday morning for women with an increased risk of developing breast cancer such as those with family members with the disease or a personal history of an abnormal breast biopsy. This is led by a medical oncologist and staffed by a nurse practitioner, geneticist, social worker and nutritionist. The latest information regarding genetic testing, exercise, dietary modification, psychosocial issues and participation in clinical trials for early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer is available to patients who are at high risk. A Ductal Lavage Clinic is available for suitable patients for breast cancer detection.

Research Programs

Basic Science
Several of the Breast Center faculty are involved in basic science research. Dr. Helena Chang has several ongoing projects including studies on the molecular detection of breast cancer, the development of a cancer vaccine for prevention and treatment of breast cancer and the molecular characteristics of the drug response in treating this disease.

Clinical Trials
New drugs or treatments are tested in clinical trials before they become widely available. The Revlon/UCLA Breast Center is part of the Jonsson Cancer Center at UCLA and is affiliated with the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast Project and has access to all cooperative group clinical trials. In addition, original research programs at UCLA welcome qualified participants. Below is a list of the current clinical trials open at UCLA. Many of these trials are multi-center studies that are available to UCLA patients but are not based at UCLA.

UCLA studies

Timing of menstrual cycle and surgery in treating premenopausal women with stage I –III breast cancer

Surgery to remove sentinel lymph nodes with or without removing axillary lymph nodes in treating women with breast cancer

Phase II randomized study of soy isoflavone in patients with breast cancer

Feasibility safety study of cryoablation in breast tumors

A Study of Markers in Body Fluids for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Molecular Characterization of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

MRI to detect breast tumors in women

Digital versus film mammography

Radiation therapy or history of radiation therapy following mastectomy and chemotherapy in treating women with stage II breast cancer

Radiation therapy in treating patients with bone metastases from breast or prostate cancer

Study of tamoxifen and raloxifene (STAR) for prevention of breast cancer

Cancer risk and biomarkers of tamoxifen chemoprevention

Tamoxifen compared with LY353381 in preventing progression of cancer in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer

Treatment – Based Clinical Trials Accessible through UCLA

Pilot study of deslorelin, estradiol, and testosterone in women at high risk for breast cancer to reduce breast density to enhance mammographic screening

Doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide with or without filgrastim in treating women with locally advanced breast cancer

Phase III randomized controlled trial evaluating the efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetics of bevacizumab in combination with capecitabine chemotherapy in subjects with previous treatment of metastatic breast cancer

Chemotherapy in treating women enrolled in the SWOG 8897 clinical trial

Tamoxifen with or without radiation therapy in treating women with ductal carcinoma in-situ

Combination chemotherapy in treating women with stage II or IIIA breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes

Chemotherapy in treating women with resected breast cancer following tamoxifen therapy

Phase IV study of epoeitin alpha in women with stage I-III breast cancer and chemotherapy-related anemia

Combined chemotherapy with or without trastuzumab in treating women with breast cancer

Evaluation of drug resistance in patients with metastatic breast cancer

Chemotherapy with or without monoclonal antibodies in treating women with metastatic breast cancer

Docetaxel and vinorelbine plus filgrastim in treating women with stage IV breast cancer

Quality of Life-Based Clinical Trials Available through UCLA

Breast cancer and preparing for survivorship

Impact of breast cancer treatment on cognitive functioning

Enhancing well-being during breast cancer recurrence

Recent Publications

Parker R, Chang H, Comments on outcomes and factors impacting local recurrences of ductal carcinoma in situ, Cancer 11/2000.

Chang H, Lu M, Libbey P, and Bland K. Expression of tumor associated antigen TAG-72 in breast cancer and metastatic lymph nodes. Submitted to Cancer, 2000.

Chang H, Lu M, Kouttab N, Wanebo HJ, Bland KI. Immunologic reconstitution of SCID mice with splenic lymphocytes of a cancer patient: A model to study immunologic reactivities of cancer patients (in preparation).

Chung M, Cole B, Bland K, Wanebo H, Chang H. Optimal surgical treatment of invasive lobular cancer of the breast. In The Breast Disease, A Year Book Quarterly. Ed S.E. Singletary. Mosby-YearBook, Inc.

Chang H, Todd K: Breast Cancer – Risk, Prevention, Detection and Treatment, in Manetta’s Cancer Prevention in Women, 2001, in press.

Wang J.L., Liu Y., Lee M.C., Nguyen T.M., Lee C., Kim A., and Nguyen M. (2000). Identification of tumor angiogenesis-related genes by subtractive hybridization. Microvasc. Res. 59:394-7

Nguyen M., Lee M.C., Wang J.L, Tomlinson J.S., Shao Z.M., and Barsky S.H. (2000). The human myoepithelial cell expresses a multifaceted anti-angiogenic phenotype. Oncogene 19:3449-59

Liu Y., Wang J.L., Chang H., Barsky S.H. and Nguyen M. (2000). Breast cancer diagnosis with nipple fluid bFGF. Lancet 356:567

Liu C., Shao Z.M., Zhang L., Beatty P., Sartippour M., Lane T., Livingston E., and Nguyen M. (2001). Human endomucin is an endothelial marker, Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., in press

Shao Z.M. and Nguyen M. (2001). Nipple aspiration in diagnosis of breast cancer. Sem. Surg. Oncol. 20:175-80

Extramural Support

Funding Agency: UCLA Human Gene Medicine Grant
Title: Construction and characterization of a recombinant BCG expressing MUC1 and IL-12 as a breast cancer vaccine.
Principal Investigator: Helena Chang

Funding Agency: Department of Defense, Breast Cancer Research Program
Grant Number: DAMD17-01-1-0179
Title: Non-invasive Screening for Breast Cancer Biomarkers in Nipple Aspirate Mass Spectroscopy.
Principal Investigator: Helena Chang
Grant Period: 6/18/2001 - 7/17/2004

Funding Agency: California Breast Cancer Research Program
Grant Number: 6JB-0013
Title: Protein Biomarkers in Nipple Aspirates for Cancer Detection
Principal Investigator: Helena Chang
Grant Period: 7/1/2000-6/30/2002

Funding Agency: Genentech/Adventis
Title: Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy and Molecular Characterization of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
Principal Investigator: Helena Chang
Grant Period: 10/30/2000-9/1/2005

Funding Agency: Gonda Demonstration Project
Title: Molecular Detection of Early Breast Cancer
Principal Investigator: Helena Chang
Grant Period: 2000 – 2003

Funding Agency: Tumor Immunology Funding Committee
Title: Breast Cancer Prevention by a Recombinant Mucin Vaccine
Principal: Helena Chang
Grant Period: 2001-2003

Funding Agency: Jane McCarthy Fund
Title: Cancer Vaccine in Breast Cancer
Principal Investigator: Helena Chang
Grant Period: 2000-2004

Funding Agency: National Institute of Health
Grant Number: NIH R21 CA 91988
Title: Breast cancer diagnosis with bFGF
Principal Investigator: Mai Nguyen*
Grant Period: 8/2001 - 7/2003

Funding Agency: National Institute of Health
Grant Number: National Cancer Institute Early Detection Research Network
Title: Early detection of breast cancer
Principal Investigator: Mai Nguyen*
Grant Period: 1/2002 - 12/2002

Funding Agency: National Institute of Health
Grant Number: NIH P50 AT 00151
Title: Dietary supplements research: botanicals.
Principal Investigator: David Heber; Mai Nguyen* – project leader
Grant Period: 10/1999 - 9/2004

Funding Agency: Veterans Affairs Merit Award
Title: Identification of tumor angiogenesis-related genes.
Principal Investigator: Mai Nguyen*
Grant Period: 10/1999 - 9/2002

Funding Agency: Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Award
Title: Breast cancer genes
Principal Investigator: Mai Nguyen*
Grant Period: 4/1999 - 3/2002

Funding Agency: Gonda Foundation
Title: A study of molecular detection of breast cancer in body fluids.
Principal Investigator: Helena Chang; Mai Nguyen* – co-principal investigator
Grant Period: 1/2000 - 12/2002

*No longer affiliated with UCLA


Surgical Oncology Research Fellow: Dr. Scott Chandler, is the current Tumor
Immunology Fellow working on “Breast Cancer Prevention by a Recombinant Mucin Vaccine”. His award is for two years.
Housestaff: Residents are expected to participate in the individual surgeon’s
clinics as well as the Multidisciplinary Clinic to learn how to diagnose and treat breast cancer. Residents receive one-on-one teaching with the surgical staff.
Public: The Ted Mann Family Resource Center offers many programs for
women dealing with the diagnosis of breast cancer. These include: Mind-Body Approaches to Coping with Cancer seminars, Living with Cancer seminars, Support Groups for Women with Cancer, Meditation, and Family and Friends Groups. In alliance with the American Cancer Society, the Reach to Recovery program trains breast cancer survivors to reach out to newly-diagnosed women to answer questions and offer support.


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Friends of the Breast Program at UCLA was created in February 2000 to support the Breast Center. Its members are dedicated to ensuring that the Center continues its tradition of bringing the best care that today’s medicine has to offer while developing the treatments of the future. The Friends of the Breast Center hold fund-raising events including Fashion for the Cure, Bloomingdale’s Shopping Benefit, and Take-a Hike for Breast Cancer. The Revlon-UCLA Run/Walk for Breast Cancer takes place in Los Angeles in May.

Contact Information

To make an appointment at the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center, please call (310)825-2144. For more information about the Ted Mann Family Resource Center, please call (310)794-6644.

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